FINALLY Finished Our Epic Colour Shifting Coffee Table!

FINALLY Finished Our Epic Colour Shifting Coffee Table! Стол из эпоксидной смолы

We FINALLY finished this Colour Shifting Coffee Table.
We used «Dragon’s Breath» + «Black Onyx» metallic pigment (now available at to make the epoxy range in colour from Purple’s to Maroon’s to Blue’s and even a touch of Gold from some angles.
Would Love to hear your thoughts on this finished coffee table!
This table is available for $2800CAD (Approx. $2200USD)

Here’s what we used:
WOOD: Walnut
EPOXY: EcoPoxy FlowCast (designed for deeper pours)
PIGMENT: Black Diamond Pigments «Dragon’s Breath» + «Black Onyx» at a 50/50 mix to achieve this look.
FORM: 24″ by 48″ NO SEAL FORM (highly recommend)
CLAMPS: Bessey® Tools North America
CNC: CanCam CNC Machines (Highly Recommend)
CNC BITS: Amana Tool Corporation Flattening Bit (item #RC-2255 from Toolstoday Router Bits and Saw Blades)
SANDING: Sanded at 80, 100, 120, 150 and 180 grit with sia Abrasives Sand paper
FINISH: Rubio Monocoat USA Pure 2C Oil (one coat)
FINISHED SIZE: 23.25″ Wide by 47.25″ Long

Shop these materials and more at www.JeffMackSupply.comFREE SHIPPING to Canada and USA on orders over $300cad ($220usd)

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