Unique wall clock with LED strip lights — A woodturning resin art how to

Unique wall clock with LED strip lights - A woodturning resin art how to Стол из эпоксидной смолы

Woodturning resin art how to using oak wood geometric pieces for a unique wall clock as part of the January Clock Challenge 2021 set by Huw of Wooden it be Nice. Decided to space each oak piece apart and add epoxy resin which allows backlighting with LED strip lights.

Other participants in the challenge can be found here:

This project had a major challenge, other than getting it done in time! Trying to form the rim of the wall clock using acute triangular pieces as building blocks, where you cannot use a compound cut on the triangles to form a seamless cylinder. Strange thing is I could not find the name of such a cut anywhere. Looks like no-one has tried to do this. If that’s the case then the cut should be called a radially aligned varying bevel angle cut. Okay the name needs work.

In this video I show how to achieve a near seamless cylinder from acute triangular pieces, and space them to allow the void to be filled with epoxy resin. A custom resin mold was needed for the wall clock rim. The piece is woodturned on the lathe. The centre face of the resin clock is much easier to make. With the added LED strip lights, the final piece comes alive as a futuristic geometric wall clock.

I hope you like this video and will share it with others. Click on the Closed Captions CC button for silent commentary.

This piece was made on behalf of Hope Woodwork, a charity that uses woodworking to help adults back to work, and is available for sale on Hope Woodwork’s Etsy marketplace. All Etsy sales go towards supporting the charity. www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HopeWoodwork

For commissioned work, please email me or contact me through: www.hopewoodwork.co.uk/

If you have any queries about the items used in the making of this wall clock, please comment. If you would like Amazon links for your own country, please contact me. Greatly appreciated!

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Timeline — Woodturning resin art — Geometric wall clock
0:00 Preparing the triangular pieces
0:30 Laying out the clock face
2:07 Making the resin mold
2:56 An ingenious bevel cut
4:14 Laying out the cylinder
5:48 Preparing the other resin mold
6:17 Mixing and pouring epoxy resin
8:07 Demolding cured epoxy resin
8:29 Woodturning the wall clock rim
11:21 Shaping the resin clock face
12:42 Repairing air bubbles in resin
13:43 Woodturning a recess on the rim
14:59 Final sanding and polishing
15:24 Wall clock assembly
16:54 Attaching LED strip lights
17:28 Gallery

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